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Calif. Priest Says Gay Couples ‘Enrich’ Institution of Marriage

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The Rev. Ed Bacon of the 4,000-member All Saints Church in Pasadena, Calif., told Oprah Winfrey that, if same-sex marriage were to become a dominant force in the United States, the institution of marriage would be “enriched” and not crumble, as some might fear.

“So a lot of people were afraid that this meant that the institution of marriage as we know it would fall apart,” Winfrey told her panelists on this “Super Soul Sunday” program. “Does this mean if gay marriage is legalized in more than 12 states, if it becomes a dominant force in the United States, does that mean that the institution of marriage has to be reexamined?”
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Link to this article: http://www.pflagatl.org/2013/06/calif-priest-says-gay-couples-enrich-institution-of-marriage/


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