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Finding A Gay Teen Community In Your Area

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Being a teenager isn’t easy and being a gay teen is even more difficult. It is often harder than being a straight teen because of the stigma many still attach to being gay as well as the teen often having a feeling of being alone, not knowing where to turn for support, and the social issues surrounding being gay. Puberty and the years following are riddled with questions, doubts, fears, and a general feeling of awkwardness for everyone going through this period of life gay or straight. As gay teens are a small minority of the population it can be difficult for them to find friends who are gay as well that understand the unique issues they face when trying to deal with and understand these concerns. As having a normal social life with ones peers is essential to healthy development what is a gay teen to do?ocpicture
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Link to this article: http://www.pflagatl.org/2013/05/finding-a-gay-teen-community-in-your-area/


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