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Grandparents and Gay Children

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Adam was 13 when he told his mother that he is gay. She tried to be supportive, but was unprepared to deal with the idea of her only child making such a profoundly bold declaration. She eventually decided that it was easier to assume Adam was going through some sort of “phase” which would eventually work itself out. After 3 years, having heard nothing further on the matter, Adam’s mother had long since assumed that Adam was over his “phase” and concluded that he’d moved on with the business of growing up.adult helping senior in hospital

Adam’s Grandmother, the matriarch of the family (affectionately known to her grand-children as “Gee-Gee”) was the type of person who would simply NOT allow her family to fall victim to scandal or rumor. She was always quick to answer the gossip mill with the “facts” of any matter she felt was a threat to the reputation she so painstakingly had cultured for herself and those she loved. Indeed, Adam’s Grandmother was an excellent figurehead, and truly engaged grandmother of more than 20 grand and great-grand children.
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Link to this article: http://www.pflagatl.org/2013/06/grandparents-and-gay-children/


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