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‘Straightening Up’ the Classroom

This summer, I did the scariest thing possible for someone working in education policy: I went back into the classroom to work as a teacher. In between lesson plans, data analysis, and parent-teacher conferences, the entire school took a group picture to commemorate the students’ hard work. More >

Being Gay at a Catholic University

When I was a student at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, in 2005, a group of gay students organized with the aim of convincing the Benedictine monks who ran the school to recognize a club that would serve the needs of the college’s gay community. They met in secret, but if you More >

Education Policy Overhaul Aims to Protect Gay Students

A bill to alter America’s education system was introduced in the Senate Tuesday, and it includes ways to protect LGBT students from harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

A proposal to overhaul current education policy was introduced Tuesday, and the 1,150-page document includes language to bar More >

When Teachers Tell Students “I’m Gay”

It began as a classroom discussion about families. First-graders at the Burr Elementary School in Newton, Massachusetts, asked teacher David Gaita whom he lives with. According to press accounts of the exchange, Gaita told the children that he is gay, and that he lives with a partner, “someone you More >

Gay teens find Internet fame, acceptance

CARMEL, N.Y. — High school students designated the “cutest couple” in their yearbook’s senior superlatives, sparking international attention for the gay teens, are basking in the whirlwind of publicity they have received.

Hours away from their senior prom Monday, Carmel High School students Bradley More >

WATCH: NASA releases “It Gets Better” video

Originally posted 2013-05-31 11:12:24.

Coming Out As A Gay High School Athlete

I’m gay. And I play sports.

Yet in my hick-filled town in Alberta, Canada, my best friends, teammates, and my brothers on the ice and field tell me that gay guys can’t play sports.

I don’t blame them for their ignorance because until I build up the courage to walk out of the closet with my head More >

10 Best Colleges for LGBT Students

If you identify as a part of the LGBT community, there’s a good chance that inclusion and friendliness towards LGBT students is a significant factor in selecting a college or university. Rankings for LGBT-friendly colleges are actually quite common. There are lists printed by Newsweek, The More >

Finding A Gay Teen Community In Your Area

Being a teenager isn’t easy and being a gay teen is even more difficult. It is often harder than being a straight teen because of the stigma many still attach to being gay as well as the teen often having a feeling of being alone, not knowing where to turn for support, and the social issues More >

WATCH: How To Be Gay In High School

High school can be a battlefield for many teens, particularly if you’re gay.

Now, however, video blogger David Levitz, who reveals that he came out at age 11, offers his tips on how to survive high school if you’re gay on his “Stories of a Star” blog.

Levitz, who calls the four years of high school More >

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