Religion & Homosexuality

While PFLAG is not affiliated with any ethnic, religious, economic or political group, many of us have questions involving religion. The good news is that there is a wealth of information that can help you to understand homosexuality and keep you strong in your faith.

We also invite you to take this opportunity to learn about the many faith-based organizations which are welcoming gays and lesbians into their fold, just as God created them. Through faith, understanding and unconditional love, people across the country are realizing that religious faith and homosexuality are not incompatible. God’s love truly is for all of us just as we are.

Is homosexuality a sin?
No. Homosexuality is innate. Studies show it exists in every species God has created. It is not a choice nor the result of an abusive childhood nor a lifestyle. Just as heterosexuality is neither moral nor immoral, homosexuality is neither moral nor immoral.

What does the Bible say?
People throughout the ages have used particular passages of the Bible to support their viewpoints and have selectively ignored other passages. We highly recommend a succinct, downloadable guide in question and answer format that was developed for the Mt. Kisco Presbyterian Church called The Blue Book: What We Wish We Had Known. See our collapsible version here.

Welcoming Religious and Spiritual Groups
Listed below are some of the many groups within the religious community that are gay welcoming and affirming. The first are groups within Georgia, followed by a list of national organizations representing most denominations.

Do you know of a place of worship that should be included here but is not? Send us an email at





International Community Church



Metropolitan Community Church


Religious Science

  • Religious Science Churches – Statewide (See website for local listings)

United Church of Christ

United Methodist

Unitarian Universalist Church

Other Welcoming Congregations and Ministries in Georgia

National Religious Organizations Affirming Gays and Lesbians

Interfaith Groups

What about the religious right?
For a comprehensive breakdown of various religious viewpoints on gay issues go to Religious Tolerance: Homosexuality. Also review the Religious Tolerance Table of Contents for additional articles such as religious hatred and intolerance. Information is also available at Religion and Gays. (

What about “reparative” or “conversion” therapy promoted by far right groups?
The American Psychological Association states that “scientific evidence does not show that conversion therapy works and that it can do more harm than good. Changing one’s sexual orientation is not simply a matter of changing one’s sexual behavior. It would require altering one’s emotional, romantic and sexual feelings and restructuring one’s self-concept and social identity.” Conversion therapy has also been repudiated by the American Psychiatric Association, American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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