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You can help contribute to the work we do in the LGBT community. Currently we have these volunteer opportunities available within PFLAG Atlanta. If they sound like a match to your skills, contact us using the form below.

Open Volunteer Positions

1. Web and Social Media Consultant

Are you the go-to person in your friends group for questions on Twitter and Facebook? Do you have a large diverse circle of friends on Facebook and can always get them interested in a story or topic you post? PFLAG Atlanta needs someone skilled in using social media to communicate our message and keep our supporters informed of the work we are doing but also about interesting stories in the LGBT media about Atlanta, the US and the world. You typically read a lot of blogs – Joe My God, LGBT|POV and AMERICAblog are on your daily rundown. You keep in touch with the Georgia Voice as well as the Washington Blade. You’ve got your pulse on what’s happening in the LGBT world and can explain the latest status of the Prop 8 trial in 50 words or less. If you are this person, apply below for our Web and Social Media Consultant volunteer opportunity. We eventually would like to put together a small team of like-minded people to help us out in this initiative.

2. Graphic Designer

Would you know how to create cool graphics in the program of your choice, both for print and web work? We need your help to craft our campaigns and our presence on Facebook and social media. If you are talented, link us to your work. We can’t pay, but it would be a great add to your portfolio with a non-profit that’s over 30 years old in the Atlanta community.

3. Newsletter Editor and Communications Consultant

Four times a year, we put out a newsletter that gets mailed to each of our members as well as regular informative reminders about our meetings and programs. If you are a good writer with a good eye for design, as well as well versed with layout using Microsoft Word or similar DTP software, you may be our Newsletter Editor and Communications Consultant. You will manage our mailing list and work with our web and social media team to send out timely communications to our member base with an eye to how we can broaden our communication reach. We will look to you to find gaps in our communication strategy and work to close them by suggesting bold new ideas we can use. Surveys will also be your responsibility as well as analyzing the results and presenting your report to our board. If this sounds like a job for you, select this position in the form below.

4. Faith Community Outreach Coordinator

Often, the faith community gets blamed when acts of intolerance and violence occur, but we recognize that there are many faith communities that abhor violence, believe that everyone is created equal – and that it is possible for faith and being LGBT to co-exist. Many of us are people of faith and LGBTQ as well. Your task will be to reach out to the diverse faith community  Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist. and build bridges – making contacts and informing them of how we can partner with them to advance equal rights for all – gay or straight – and support their LGBT flock. If this sounds like a job for you, select this position in the form below.

5. < Insert your speciality here >

Of course sometimes, you just want to be able to help but may not find your skills represented above. May be you are great at design and art, or maybe you are a fantastic cook, or maybe you have some financial or statistics experience. We promise we will find some way to use your skill in our organization. Maybe you’re a passionate supporter or ally and want to make a difference in your community. We’re all volunteers here! Select ‘Other’ below when you tell us about yourself.


Want to apply?

We're looking for volunteers based on the needs we've defined above. If you feel like you can commit some time to helping us out and want to serve the GLBT community, we can certainly discuss an assignment.

Support is the heart of what we do, so we ask all our potential volunteers to attend at least one or two PFLAG meetings to make sure it is a good fit for you.

If you leave a valid email address, we will try and get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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