Our program on April 15th featured the Ellis family who is behind the Family Acceptance website. It has been a wonderful and informative resource for parents of gay and lesbian children and we are fortunate that the folks behind it are from our very own city, Atlanta!

From Patti & Jeff Ellis:

I thought our journey started December 17, 1997, but actually it started August 31, 1981, the day Adam was born. That day we were given a gift of a baby boy. Each year of his life was a gift and our love grew deeper. The day he told us he was gay sent us to the bottom of the mountain. We were stuck there until we slowly began our journey to seek the truth because this is our child and he was worth it. While we prayed that God would change Adam, we finally came to understand it was us, his parents, who needed to change, not Adam.

The world we lived in used the Bible as a weapon against us. However, it was our faith that gave us strength and comfort. That faith kept us searching for what God wanted us to do as Adam’s mom and dad. After much prayer we found our way to creating the Family Acceptance website. Our blessing now is to know we can help other families in their journey and maybe one day this will not have to be a journey at all.

Originally posted 2012-04-15 18:51:28.