Twenty-three gay and lesbian officers shared their personal stories of coming out in an “It Gets Better” video as part of a global movement to help young people struggling with their sexuality and gender identity.

The video was shown for the first time to the public Wednesday at the Phillip Rush Center.

The video includes an introduction by Chief George Turner, who says he is an LGBT ally and honored to support the “It Gets Better” project.

“All teenagers go through an awkward phase but it can be especially daunting if you are someone who is unsure of your sexuality and where your life may be headed. As a police force we will stand up for you, no one deserves to be bullied for any reason,” Turner says.

Deputy Chief Renee Propes, the highest ranking openly gay person in the APD, explains in the video she had a hard time accepting herself as a lesbian into her 20s. She also said after the video was shown that she was in awe of all of the officers who came forward to participate.

Officer Dani Lee Harris, the LGBT liaison during the APD’s raid on the gay bar the Atlanta Eagle, also participated in the project and said she hopes the video helps young people struggling with the sexuality and gender identity to realize there are those who will support them.

Officer Eric King explained how he knew in middle school he wasn’t attracted to girls like other boys were. Officer Andi Cameron knew she was gay in the fourth grade but didn’t come out to her sister until she was 16 and not to her parents until she was 24.

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Originally posted 2012-12-13 18:24:09.