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Five Myths About Transgender Students Educators Need to Unlearn

Transgender and gender-nonconforming youths have become the focus of conversations across the country. Despite the media attention, most schools have no formal rules around gender inclusion and do not address gender identity in curricula. Because of this, many K-12 educators have difficulty knowing More >

Out of the LGBT Box

Read This Before Coming Out to your Parents


Most Follow Typical Stages

The purpose of this is to inform gay and lesbian young adults about the process most parents go through when their child’s homosexual orientation is disclosed.

This article is credited to Tom Sauerman and PFLAG Philadelphia

The stages to be More >

Resources for LGBTQ Students

Despite the recent legalization of gay marriage, the LGBT youth of America still face unwanted discrimination in and out of school. Throughout primary school and college, students who identify as LGBTQ are more susceptible to bullying, social isolation, and even physical assault. In fact, according More >

5 Actionable Tips For Parents To Help Protect Our LGBTQ Teens From Cyber Bullying Risks

(This was contributed by our online contributor Hilary Smith)

A recent study discovered cyberbullying rates have tripled! This means that 87 percent of our children have either been targeted or witnessed digital cruelty in some form. This is heartbreaking, because high statistics like those mean More >

Best Colleges for LGBT Students

According to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, about 20% of LGBTQ faculty members and students reported they feared for their physical safety on campus, while 43% consider their campus climate to be homophobic. These numbers demonstrate the need for colleges to take an active stance against More >

A Story of Loss, Love and Redemption

This was contributed by our PFLAG mom, Nancy.

Alex and Danielle

I’m in our hotel room ironing Alex’s clothes as she sits on the bed; I’m musing about how I feel more like the mother of the groom than the mother of the bride – and then it dawns on me –  a door that I thought had been closed with the More >

Derek Schell: 32 things I learned after coming out as gay

“I was blessed to find out who in my life was real; which relationships were based on love,” writes Derek Schell, who was openly gay on his college basketball team.

Since coming out in More >

David Stivers - Freedom to Marry

PFLAG Dad David’s remarks at Freedom to Marry Rally

David and Tori Stivers, with their son, Grant

David Stivers, the Co-President of PFLAG Atlanta recently spoke on October 23 at Georgia Equality’s Rally for Marriage in Atlanta, Georgia, where marriage supporters made the case that Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens should stop defending marriage More >

How Many Americans Are Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual? : NY Times

As it has for decades, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week released its annual National Health Interview Survey on the health of Americans. But this year, there was a difference: For the first time, the respondents were asked about their sexual More >

‘Parental Acceptance’ Documentary short featuring PFLAG Atlanta parents

Our amazing PFLAG Atlanta parents, Jeannie and Dick were featured in a documentary short about how their children came out to them. Take a look!

Originally posted 2014-06-23 11:35:20.

My Coming Out Story – YouTube

I never imagined the day I’d come out. For a long time, I lived in the same fear that many others currently live in. With the help of my best-four-legged-friend, Thor, I decided to make this video and share my coming out story. A big thanks to all the brave people on here who have taken the time to More >

Don’t Hate Someone You Love « FreedHearts

A mom from a small, conservative town said to her son: “There aren’t any gays in this town.” Her son laughed and said, “Yes there are, Mom. They’re just deep in the closet… or they’ve moved away.”

I know it’s easier to imagine that those “gays” are some other people, some other place, not here, More >

You Have Two Options: Love or Fear | FreedHearts

John Lennon said, “There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance… all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of More >

A Guide to Coming Out to Christian Parents « FreedHearts

Coming out to your family can be overwhelming. You don’t know the response until you tell them… and then it’s too late. I hope this blog (written with a gay friend) will help. Jacob, this is for you.

Be honest This is the most fundamental piece of advice, and also the most important. It is so easy More >

How to Come Out to Your Sister | Freedhearts

Coming out for anyone can be scary, because you can’t really say, “Just kidding!” if someone goes ballistic. Becca took a courageous step to come out to her sister away at college and was quite relieved at her loving response. Because they had been reading my blogs, they shared their conversation More >

Never Make Your Kids Feel Ashamed of Who They Are | Freedhearts

Shame. It says, “There is something fundamentally wrong with me.” It is the lie at the very root of our identity. If I did something wrong, I can apologize and make amends. But if I am fundamentally wrong, what hope do I have?

Our greatest need is to be loved, to belong, to be accepted as we are. More >

‘Straightening Up’ the Classroom

This summer, I did the scariest thing possible for someone working in education policy: I went back into the classroom to work as a teacher. In between lesson plans, data analysis, and parent-teacher conferences, the entire school took a group picture to commemorate the students’ hard work. More >

Loss of Religion and Faith

I’m usually a happy Agnostic with Christian leanings. I celebrate Christmas, I celebrate Easter. I listen to Palestrina’s and Bach’s sacred masses on my iTunes and I am a sucker for Gregorian chant. I pray sometimes. I love old churches and cathedrals, especially getting to sit inside something so More >

A Mom, Some Gays, and the Bible | FreedHearts

I am a Mom of five (nearly) grown kids I homeschooled, married to Rob for 26 years, and a churchgoing Christ-follower for decades. I know the lingo, got the t-shirt. Certainly I’ve figured out that most Christians I’ve met avoid The Gay Debate. When friend or fam pop up as gay, many Christians More >

Just Because He Breathes: Learning to Truly Love Our Gay Son | Huffington Post

On the night of Nov. 20, 2001, a conversation held over Instant Messenger changed our lives forever. Our 12-year-old son messaged me in my office from the computer in his bedroom.

Ryan says: can i tell u something

Mom says: Yes I am listening

Ryan says: well i don’t know how to say this really but, More >

Mother Of Young Gay Son Discusses Her Unexpected New Life In The Spotlight

Almost two years ago, a mother posted a blog on Tumblr about her then 6-year-old son telling her that he had a crush on Blaine, a gay character on the hit musical TV show “Glee.”

Within hours the blog went viral with thousands of people sharing the beautiful story of a mother’s love for her More >

What Actually Happened At The Supreme Court | Buzzfeed

The Supreme Court issued two big decisions on Wednesday. So, what did the decisions do? What did the decisions not do? What remains up in the air?

What The Court Decisions Do:

In the first case, Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act — the portion of the 1996 law that defined “marriage” and More >

YouTube Celebrates Gay Pride With Proud To Love VIDEO

Like so many other companies and websites, YouTube has joined the celebration that has resulted from the Supreme Court verdicts and the video they have created is one of the most touching of all.

The clip is compiled from various YouTube videos of everything from coming out confessionals and gay

More >

Christians, Why Are You Afraid of Gay Marriage? | FreedHearts

A group of prominent evangelicals recently declared that if marriage equality becomes law, they will disobey it. These God-fearing meticulous Bible-followers feel so strongly about gay marriage that they are willing to flout this law they don’t agree with. I really, truly understand their More >

Gay Foster Kids’ Discrimination Battle Heats Up In States

Sixto Cancel says his ultra-religious foster family frequently talked about their disdain for his homosexuality at the dinner table, trashed his room and called him homophobic slurs. While he was still a teenager, he says, they kicked him out of their Connecticut home after he had lived there for More >

The Condemnation of DOMA | FreedHearts

From: The Condemnation of DOMA | FreedHearts

“Christians are becoming increasingly irrelevant. They are dragging Jesus down with them.”

The eyes of the nation are on the Supreme Court as we wait for a ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8. What is at stake for Christians in this battle? More >

Embracing Transgender Equality, Inside and Outside Religious Communities

While I was marching in DC’s Capital Pride this year, a trans ally watching the parade tried handing me a sticker that said “God Made Me Trans.” As an atheist transgender woman, the gracious gesture simultaneously warmed my heart and stirred up a sense of outrage at the assumption that I needed a More >

Being Gay at a Catholic University

When I was a student at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, in 2005, a group of gay students organized with the aim of convincing the Benedictine monks who ran the school to recognize a club that would serve the needs of the college’s gay community. They met in secret, but if you More >

A Love Letter to the LGBTQ from a Christian Mom | FreedHearts

“They kicked me out on my 18th birthday for being gay… I’ve tried to contact them… I don’t know if they still love me.” Jonathan Allen, America’s Got Talent

My husband and I sat stunned as this young man sang Pavarotti on “America’s Got Talent.” Tears filled our eyes as his story settled on us, More >

Gay Grandparents: The Second Coming Out

Most GLBT folks came out once, usually to parents, brothers and sisters, and friends. That was stressful enough. Let’s explore the experiences of grandparents who have gone through or are thinking about The Second Coming Out – to their grandchildren.

Thalia Verros of Mashpee has three More >

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