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“The Out List” from Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

On Thursday, June 27, HBO is premiering The OUT List, a film of intimate docu-portraits from photographer and director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders that follows in the vein of his well known projects About Face: Supermodels Then and Now, The Latino List and The Black List.

The film is a storytelling More >

Rainbow Summits Project: Raising Awareness About LGBT Youth In Distress

I stood up and looked into the darkness. Somewhere beyond the small circle of light illuminated by my headlamp was my destination, the summit of Mount Everest, my sixth ascent of the “Seven Summits” — the highest mountain on each continent. It meant I was now very close, just one mountain away, More >

Grandparents and Gay Children

Adam was 13 when he told his mother that he is gay. She tried to be supportive, but was unprepared to deal with the idea of her only child making such a profoundly bold declaration. She eventually decided that it was easier to assume Adam was going through some sort of “phase” which would More >

Helping a Child to Come Out

Parents aren’t blind, and the clues are often there. Some research suggests that sexual orientation can show itself even at 3 years old. In our family, by the time our youngest son came out at 13, my wife and I had long progressed from inkling to conviction. A toddler who wore a feather boa around More >

Delaware Senate Approves Transgender Rights Bill

The Delaware Senate on Thursday approved a bill that would add gender identity and expression to the state’s anti-discrimination and hate crimes laws.

The 11-7 vote came after lawmakers debated the measure that Senate Majority Whip Margaret Rose Henry (D-Wilmington) introduced late last month. More >

Children Are Thriving In Same-Sex Families

The Australian Study of Child Health in Same-Sex Families is the world’s largest attempt to study how children raised by same-sex couples compare to children raised by heterosexual couples.

According to a preliminary report on the study of 500 children across the country of Australia, these young More >

Report: LGBT Support And Acceptance Growing In U.S.

Reactions to Learning Your Child Is Gay or Lesbian

In 1985, a Los Angeles Times survey found that 64% of the public said they would be “very upset” if their child told them he or she was gay or lesbian. By 2004, that number had fallen by almost half (33%). Since then, it has declined another 14 More >

‘I’m having a lesbian’ billboard launched for gay marriage campaign

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays spokeswoman Shelley Argent said the campaign was designed to garner support from mainstream families for gay marriage, on the grounds that gay children were “born that way”.

“Being lesbian or gay is not a choice,” she said. “It’s got nothing to do with More >

Education Policy Overhaul Aims to Protect Gay Students

A bill to alter America’s education system was introduced in the Senate Tuesday, and it includes ways to protect LGBT students from harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

A proposal to overhaul current education policy was introduced Tuesday, and the 1,150-page document includes language to bar More >

When Teachers Tell Students “I’m Gay”

It began as a classroom discussion about families. First-graders at the Burr Elementary School in Newton, Massachusetts, asked teacher David Gaita whom he lives with. According to press accounts of the exchange, Gaita told the children that he is gay, and that he lives with a partner, “someone you More >

NYC Seeks More Gay And Lesbian Foster Parents

New York City’s child welfare agency wants more gay and lesbian foster parents.

The Administration for Children’s Services is launching a campaign to expand the kinds of families who consider fostering and also to find welcoming homes for children who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or More >

Immigration Reform Should Include Our Parents Too

Gay DREAMer Jorge Gutierrez’s mother fought for him to thrive, and now he’s fighting for her to remain in the U.S.

My mother is a lioness, a woman with a second-grade education but with plenty of compassion, intelligence and wisdom. She inspired me to have the courage to say proudly and More >

Why Bias Puts Young Gays’ Health At Risk

(CNN) — When I was 8, I joined the Boy Scouts. I lasted three weeks–couldn’t get the hang of all that knot tying, and no one was interested in singing show tunes around the campfire. I was gay and I knew it. At that time, revealing my sexual identity would have resulted in my exclusion from More >

What to Expect When You’re Expecting… and Gay

So you’re going to be a gay parent? Congratulations! No doubt you’ve been through a lot to get to this point, whether you’ve traveled the path of adoption, IVF, artificial insemination, surrogacy, fostering or whatever. Now, you have a lot to do to get ready.

Don’t worry. This isn’t going to be one More >

Gay teens find Internet fame, acceptance

CARMEL, N.Y. — High school students designated the “cutest couple” in their yearbook’s senior superlatives, sparking international attention for the gay teens, are basking in the whirlwind of publicity they have received.

Hours away from their senior prom Monday, Carmel High School students Bradley More >

Calif. Priest Says Gay Couples ‘Enrich’ Institution of Marriage

The Rev. Ed Bacon of the 4,000-member All Saints Church in Pasadena, Calif., told Oprah Winfrey that, if same-sex marriage were to become a dominant force in the United States, the institution of marriage would be “enriched” and not crumble, as some might fear.

“So a lot of people were afraid that More >

The First Ali Forney Center Resident Graduates Law School

by Carl Siciliano

Last weekend I found myself in a gym in Portland, Oregon with tears streaming down my face. I was at Lewis & Clark Law School, at the graduation ceremony of Ksen Pallegedara, one of the first young people ever to stay at the Ali Forney Center. As I saw Ksen walk by in his cap and More >

Why Tumblr Is Perfect For The Trans Community

“If you don’t see yourself anywhere else online, come here.”

“It’s always the very expected trans narrative in the newspapers; it’s always some horror story,” says L. Garnons Williams, photographer for the savvy trans-style Tumblr blog The Test Shot, which pairs photos of a transmasculine subject More >

Indiana LGBT Youth Group Win Legal Battle To Sell License Plates

The Indiana Youth Group, an LGBT youth support group, is celebrating a big win after a judge ordered their specialty license plates to be reinstated after they were halted last year for dubious reasons.

From the IYG press release:

“The revenue generated from license plate sales is crucial for More >

11 Year-Old Marcel Neergaard: Taking a Stand Against Anti-Gay Bullying (with video)

I am Marcel Neergaard, and I am 11 years old. This year I was homeschooled for sixth grade because of severe bullying. If I had gone back to public school, there is a great possibility that I would have taken my own life. That possibility would have grown if a certain bill introduced in my home More >

Being Transgender Today

Throughout history, Transgender individuals have been present, at times even revered, but today, in the United States, they struggle for visibility, protection, and acceptance even among other minorities.

With the list of states legalizing gay marriage growing and broad acceptance into pop More >

The Gay Dad Project: Opening Discussion For When A Parent Comes Out

Two strangers, Amie Shea and Erin Margolin, share a unique commonality. Both their dads came out to them as gay, late in life.

Erin Margolin, now 36, was in high school when her parents announced that they were getting a divorce—at the same time her father explained that the marriage was ending More >

WATCH: NASA releases “It Gets Better” video

Originally posted 2013-05-31 11:12:24.

Coming Out As A Gay High School Athlete

I’m gay. And I play sports.

Yet in my hick-filled town in Alberta, Canada, my best friends, teammates, and my brothers on the ice and field tell me that gay guys can’t play sports.

I don’t blame them for their ignorance because until I build up the courage to walk out of the closet with my head More >

How to Talk To Your Children About Gay Parents, By a Gay Parent

Imagine you’re at the train station, taking your kids into the city to see the Lion King. A man steps off the train, and two toddlers run up to him shouting, “Daddy! Daddy!” He gives out two hugs and about a thousand kisses and tells them how much he missed them while he was at work. You’ve More >

Gender-Bending Crime Fighter Hits Television, Stirs Up Controversy

There’s a new TV character in town, a 12-year-old-boy-turned-girl-crime-fighter on Hub‘s new children’s cartoon program, SheZow. Hub, a cable network owned by parent companies Discovery Communications and Hasbro Inc., is hoping their new superhero(ine) will bring in viewers and interest.

The Los More >

Cross Dressing In Children

Cross dressing is when children want to wear the clothes that are usually worn by the other sex. What people of each sex wear is different in different parts of the world – for example in Scotland it has been quite usual for boys to wear kilts (skirts). It also changes over time.

Sixty years or More >

A Courageous Move! Coming Out is Not Easy for Anyone

Your son or daughter just sat you down and announced that he or she is gay or lesbian. While not all parents will have a negative reaction, some will experience shock. A range of emotions will storm through your head. Before you react, and possibly regret what you are about to say, take some time More >

10 Things You Shouldn’t Say at a Gay Wedding

Now that New York has legalized gay marriage, you might start seeing more invitations to attend same-sex marriages. Here’s how to celebrate with the wedding couple and avoid putting your foot in your mouth.

Gay weddings look a lot like straight weddings — you’ve got your ceremony and ring exchange, More >

My Friend Says He Is Gay, What Should I Do?

The first thing you need to do is take a step back from your feelings of shock and confusion and try to see things rationally. This is easier than it sounds, but it is not impossible. Being homosexual in modern Western culture carries with it a great deal of social taboo and ostracization. It is More >

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